Tanning/Massage Oil SPF 0 - Pump (118ml)

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Tanning/Massage Oil SPF 0 - Pump (118ml)

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Our unique blend of aloe, banana, coconut, apricot, palm, and almond provides a "dry" non-greasy application of the SPF 0 Tanning Oil Spray.  Commonly used for massage therapy and those who have dark skin tans.  Excellant daily moisturiser enhances skin tone.

Size: 4 oz. (118mL) PRODUCT BENEFITS

  • 35% Aloe Vera based by volume

  • Aloe Based with Vitamin E

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  • Aloe Based with Vitamin E
  • Tropical Oil Infusion
  • Paraben Free

Please Note: Sell by date expired hence the sale price. Oil however lasts for decades!

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